Patrik Lerchmüller: composition, lyrics & trombone                         David Moss: voice ◊ Clemens Salesny: alto sax                           Michiru Ripplinger: e-guitar ◊ Herbert Pirker: drums
Matthias Pichler: double bass



On Vakuum, Paris-based trombone player and composer Patrik Lerchmüller cuts his own path with the help of American singer David Moss and an up-and-coming group of musicians from Vienna.

The album combines influences from jazz and rock to contemporary and electronic music, creating an eclectic sound that’s hard to categorize but hypnotic to listen to. Using the ‘vacuum’ as a metaphor for times when we run out of air -either physically, emotionally or socially – the lyrics are sometimes sung, sometimes spoken and sometimes unspoken, leaving much room for interpretation and challenging the whole spectrum of Moss’ voice.

While the music is highly complex in structure, each musician gets a chance to prove his creativity in improvised solo spots. These are some of the best young jazz-musicians you can find, put together in an unusual project that forces each one involved to push past their musical limits. As for David Moss, well, if you haven’t checked him out yet, you should definitely do it now.

The CD comes in a unique special edition, six-sided foldout DVD-digipak with beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations by Peter Hoffmann.GetItOnItunesBadge

all illustrations © by Peter Hoffmann – Glashaus Design